Friends, enemies, patents, love and a few billion

Recently we have talked about Apple's financials and various rumours concerning the upcoming iPhone 6. But now there appears to be news of an even bigger than usual battle looming between those old adversaries, Apple and Samsung.

Samsung, as we know supplies many of the components that Apple uses across its iOS range. They have been a major chip supplier for sometime and more recently it’s Samsung who provided the retina display for some of the current iOS line up. In the background is, of course, the patent dispute and that in it’s own right cannot possibly allow the two parties to have a long, loving relationship. 

Now there’s hot news that, although Samsung and Sharp had been slated to help build the new iPhone 6 display, it appears they have been sideline and a 3rd player has entered the field by the name of Innolux. Apple is no stranger to Innolux as a supplier as they had been touted as providing the retina display for the iPad mini but what with some reported quality issues with Sharp and, of course, the aforementioned Samsung patent shenanigans, is there a swing from the old foe and Sharp in favour of other suppliers who don't encroach in the Apple space and can provide what’s needed?

This all said, don't forget Samsung and Sharp have really only ever been tier two suppliers to Apple — LG and an outfit called Japan Display are the main players helping out with the iPhone 6. However, if Apple and Samsung continue to slug it out in court over this patent and that patent, then there will be tears; right now those tears are on Samsung’s cheeks as more Apple business will walk away and fall in love with other suppliers. 

Don't forget too, while all this is happening, there’s a bit of innovation and product development going on at Apple and then, bang, as if we need Apple to keep pumping out surprises, the recent announcement of the $3.2 billion (yes, billion) acquisition of Beats Electronics from the self-styled “first billionaire of hip hop”, Dr. Dre.

Never a dull day at the office in Cupertino or at their lawyers’ either…

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