More Woes & Worries For Samsung

The launch of Samsung's Galaxy S5 was expected to be the world's biggest smartphone maker’s knight in shining armour and help propel them to heady heights of market share, revenue and ultimately the holy grail of profit. Well, when Samsung's latest quarterly results hit the streets, the knight in shining armour ...

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Samsung facing more and bigger challenges

So, have Samsung come up against an insurmountable problem? We all know in mobile, that the Apple/iOS market is where the money is. We also know that Android has far, far more devices out in the world. There have been many calculations conducted over the last few years about expected return on investment across ...

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Friends, enemies, patents, love and a few billion

Recently we have talked about Apple's financials and various rumours concerning the upcoming iPhone 6. But now there appears to be news of an even bigger than usual battle looming between those old adversaries, Apple and Samsung.

Samsung, as we know supplies many of the components that Apple uses across its iOS range. They ...

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