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    After various significant events in her life, Linda developed a relationship journal which she referred to as her Boyfriend Log. In its early life it was just a daily diary where she would record the highs and lows of her relationship. Over time, the written records became accompanied by an easy-to-interpret colour coded system. Following many entries and discussions with close friends and associates, Linda decided to get in touch with us. The phone rang, “I have a love life journal that's crying out to be an app,” she explained. The rest is history...

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    The Boyfriend Log is a unique journaling app designed to empower women to take better emotional care of themselves by tracking the health of their relationships. The app has a beautifully designed user interface that both collects and displays two layers of information. The top layer provides an intuitive colour based rating system that allows users to tell “at a glance” how their relationship is progressing over time. Users can use the colour system to understand patterns in their behaviour and relationships. The lower layer of the app is a text-based journal where users can write daily entries about their relationship. The app provides a calendar view where colours can be viewed, and a detailed view where users can enter and view daily entries along with calendar features such as password protection, search capability, and tutorials. We went the extra distance on this app to ensure the interface is stunning — and we hope you can experience this app for yourself!

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      iPhone Application
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      April 8, 2014

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