3 New Therma-Stor apps in Google Play

Three new Android versions of Therma-Stor’s psychrometric calculator hit the Google Play store at the end of last week. Based out of Madison, WI. Therma-Stor is a leader in dehumidification of residential and commercial buildings with products ranging from freestanding units to whole house ventilation dehumidifiers through to disaster recovery and restoration solutions for the home or business premises.

Therma-Stor’s three main brands, Phoenix, Ultra-Aire and Quest are all represented in this latest launch. The iOS versions of the apps have been available for some time now but Therma-Stor wanted to reach further into the smartphone sector with their app offering and Ryan Eckhardt, the company’s Director of Service, Quality, Reliability & IT said, “Following the success of our original iOS Apple products, Android was the natural way to go for this second phase”.

The app user can gain quick and easy access to calculations such a dew point, grains per pound and dehumidifier performance by simply spinning the wheels to enter temperature and relative humidity. With this information onboard, the app will output the corresponding dew point or grains per pound, giving you clear insight to track your job effectively. Additionally, by selecting your dehumidifier’s CFM and entering the intake and exhaust conditions you can use the app’s dehumidifier performance function to calculate water removal rate. The Phoenix, Ultra-Aire and Quest psychometric calculator apps from Therma-Stor put all the calculations you need in the palm of your hand.

The new Android versions are available through Google Play at:




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