Wow, where did October go?

It has been a busy time in the last few weeks. Not only have a number of new projects got the go-ahead and are squeezing themselves into the team’s schedule but a few product updates have also hit the App Store including the newly updated Skin-A-Buck iPhone app which originally hit the streets earlier in the summer.

The Skin-A-Buck project was developed in conjunction with Russell Knight an Anchorage based taxidermist who starred in the History Channel’s TV series Mounted In Alaska. Mounted, as the series is affectionately known, took the viewer inside the exciting, entertaining and always challenging world of Knight's Taxidermy. From concept to completion, the viewer learned the real process of what it takes to preserve natural history. From local Alaskans to African hunters and projects as diverse as caribou and camels Russell Knight has seen it all. 

With all the experience under his belt Russell teamed up with Bawtree Software to create a step by step tutorial with pictures and voice instructions where the user can learn the proper techniques to handle the big game trophy while out in the field. Described as the ultimate tool to have in the field, Skin-A-Buck shows how to skin like a professional and help produce the taxidermy mount of a lifetime. Following the launch of the recent update Russell commented, “I have produced Skin-A-Buck to give hunters everywhere the very best opportunity to really enjoy their hunting and preservation of natural history, and also to prevent them from being laughed at by their neighbours”.

Skin-A-Buck for iPhone can be found in the App Store at or for Android devices in Google Play at

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