Don't Be Blinded By The... Cash

I have talked in the past about various pitch competitions where the goal is to refine, practice and carefully hone your presentation so as to whet the appetite of potential investors. Last week I was fortunate enough to spend some time at metabridge ( in Kelowna where 15 of Canada’s best ...

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Getting Investor Ready

We took a trip to the Art Gallery in Kelowna, BC last week to watch this year’s Jump Start Challenge. This is a pitch competition organized by Accelerate Okanagan to support technology companies and entrepreneurs who are seeking investment to finance business growth. It provides participants with hands-on training on how to become "investor ...

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Once Upon A Time

Having been pitched many ideas by many different people, it becomes apparent very quickly that many creators of the great ideas have a problem explaining and illustrating what it is they are looking to do.

How should you explain and illustrate an idea? One guy used a back-of-an-envelope illustration to show what his idea was ...

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