The Boyfriend Log iPhone App Is Launched

The Boyfriend Log iPhone App Is Launched

NEWS RELEASE — April 9, 2014

The Boyfriend Log iPhone App Helps Keep Love In Check

Bawtree Software, the Canadian BC Interior based mobile application specialist, has just launched The Boyfriend Log into the Apple App Store — the iPhone app, a unique journaling app designed to empower women to take better emotional care of themselves by better tracking the health of their relationships, has been developed on behalf of LA based best selling author and writing mentor Linda Sivertsen.

“Years ago, after being dumped by my husband and rebounding into a confusing relationship with a new guy, I realized that although I was a self-help expert and author in my career, in real life, and in particular my love life where it mattered most, I couldn’t help myself”, says Linda. “Like many women, I grasped at the wisdom of my friends to help make sense of it all. I had all the usual questions you know”, she continued, “Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is that OK? What does it all mean? What should I do?” This was an emotional and mental roller coaster for Linda — it was exhausting and left her with more questions than answers.

The concept behind The Boyfriend Log app grew out of this time in Linda’s life. She realised that having put men’s needs above her own, she needed to regain control and she set about journaling every day. Before long, as words sometimes clouded the true picture, came a colour code system and then the penny dropped — patterns, as Linda puts it, “Very clear patterns”, emerged. “This was my eureka moment”, beamed Linda. “I finally had a way to qualify my relationship on my own terms and do something about it”.

The Boyfriend Log provides a journaling platform for users to record the ‘colour’ of their relationship each day — green for ‘amazing, blissful, romantic’ and then down through orange, yellow and blue until the ‘awful, angry, scary’ status of red. After the user has selected the day's colour they can write or dictate a few words about their relationship and expand on the reasons surrounding the day’s colour choice. The relationship colours are displayed on a calendar and the app provides users quick access to their ‘at a glance’ relationship status over time as well as an organized and searchable index of their journal entries.

Commenting on the launch of The BoyFriend Log, Linda said, “This is a really personal project for me and I'm so thrilled to see it safely come to life. Throughout every minute of the project the whole team have been truly awesome — I’ve been kept in check, I’ve been guided and I feel like I've been loved too! If The Boyfriend Log can help someone avoid what I, and so many others have been through, and help them take control of their love life, then we are going to be living in a better world”.

The Boyfriend Log is available for download at $1.99 and includes an onboard tutorial, a welcome from the lady herself, Linda Sivertsen, and a compelling introduction video.

Hugh Bawtree, CEO of Bawtree Software, commented, “Working with Linda on The Boyfriend Log project has been a wonderful experience and demonstrates beautifully how we can work with our customers to bring their ideas to life in the mobile world. Linda had her paper journal Boyfriend Log which was, in her own words, crying out to be an app. We spent time getting to understand her vision and the concept; then through an agile process, refined and developed the idea through to what is now available in the App Store. As we always say, going mobile is not for the fainthearted and going it alone can be an impossible and frustrating task. By working closely with us, Linda has been able to achieve her goal of taking her Boyfriend Log into the mobile space”.

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