Two launches or not two launches...

Ever since the two versions of iPhone 5 came to market Apple fans have excitedly been awaiting the launch of number 6. That is not to suggest any of these fans disliked number 5 but, with Apple’s you-never-know-what’s-coming-next image, there has always been a great amount of excitement about what's in store down the line.

So, do we know what is in store for us with the launch of iPhone 6? As always there are many rumours around but I think it is now generally accepted that there's a 4.7 inch version and a 5.5 inch version due sometime in the future. There are reports of manufacturing delays of the larger model and because of this and Apple's possible desire to launch both variants at the same time, the troops in Cupertino are struggling to decide on, let alone announce, the launch date of iPhone 6.

But what we currently have are rumours, not facts.

So instead of launching both at the same time, what if the launch of the iPhone 6 models was to be split in two? There are some truly great reasons to do this. Remember the iPhone 5 launch when, for a bit more money you could get the better phone? Well, that immediately led to some issues for Apple as there was a massive over demand for the 5s and, consequently they shifted nowhere near enough of the 5c model to meet their exceptions. Additionally, they ended up with a monumental number of unsold 5c phones — anything sitting on the shelf at the warehouse, ain’t making you money.

Beyond that, Apple may be looking at smoothing out the market share curve as launching only once a year leaves the rivals like Samsung, HTC, etc with the top table all to themselves for the remming months. A six month launch cycle would make a lot of sense for Apple and they have done it before with some of the iPads. If they did move to a six-month plan it would enable Apple to regain the impetus for their future iPhones on a more "year-round" basis.

Do remember, the different scenarios are only rumours at this stage and I'm sure in the not too distant future, Mr Cook and his team will be trumpeting the arrival of the iPhone 6 and whatever else they’ve got up their sleeves.

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