A quality app isn't alway a quality business

A quality app isn't always a quality business.

Lean startups are different

You want to be sure your idea has legs before you spend a bunch of money on it. We get it. Bawtree Software has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs validate their ideas, focus on what matters and drive towards a minimum viable product (MVP) using a tight build-measure-learn loop. You need to turn your idea into a product, measure how the market responds and then pivot or keep going. This isn't about code. Lots of people can program an app. Few can iterate to a compelling experience. Can your product be built? Likely. Should it be built? Can you create a sustainable business? Let's find out.


Build, measure, learn. Repeat.

As experienced startup veterans we understand the challenges involved in bringing lean startup principles to an app-based business. Our product development process has been built and refined based on decades of combined experience in startups and mobile releases. Our product-market validation service, for example, has its roots in the Business Model Canvas - a simple but powerful method of documenting business model ideas. We emphasize the lean startup principle of validated learning by collaborating on testable interactive prototypes and identifying key product features to test with analytics. We pursue designs which emphasize the core value of your product and deliver small incremental releases of new functionality. Our agile approach empowers you to make development decisions, feature changes and even product pivots based on what you learn as your product takes shape.

Product Validation

Unsure whether to start an app business? Take Bawtree for a test drive by getting a product-market validation for your idea. This detailed analysis provides a feasibility assessment based on your idea, the target market and your budget. We'll tell you if you've actually got a shot at success and give you solid suggestions about how to proceed. We know the market, which ideas work best and how to focus on what matters. We're also honest and will tell you if your app is unlikely to be successful. No joke.