You've got an app idea! Time to hire a programming team, right? Wrong.

You've got an app idea! Time to hire a programming team, right?


The bad news

Let's be honest, there are lots of companies around that can bang out a me-too boilerplate app for you. Frankly, going with a budget programming service may even save you a buck, at least at first.

But if you're hoping to make a successful app then there's more to consider. While Apple's App Store is a fantastic new marketplace filled with opportunity, with nearly a million apps jostling for position, it's tough for an average release to get noticed.


How we roll

Bawtree Software has built a reputation for fast, high quality, beautifully designed native iOS apps. We've also learned along the way that there's more to building successful apps than programming alone. Bawtree Software is a full lifecycle app developer dedicated to the success of your app business. What does that mean? It means we care about more than shipping an app to the store. Our goal is to bring your product vision to life through a collaborative development process and work with you to release, analyze and update your app to give it the best possible chance for long term success.

How does it work?

You've got a brilliant app idea, but how do you turn that into a brilliant business? By working together, we can combine your unique product ideas and overall vision with our extensive experience building amazing apps that people love to use. But if you're going to partner with us you need to know what to expect. Our transparent and open app creation process is based on years of refinement but is also designed to be flexible. We put you in the driver's seat. Each of the 3 stages empower you to iterate and refine your vision through a collaborative process.

  We do this So you get this Why is this awesome?
1 Explore the full potential of your app vision Interactive prototype and a guaranteed fixed price quote1 for phase 2 development. You save money, receive valuable direction and see your dream app come to life all before a single line of code is written
2 Build a beautiful app with a slick interface Regular releases during development and a polished final release ready for the App Store Your cost is fixed, the app does exactly what you want, you're directly involved and you aren't overwhelmed.
3 Publish your app to the App Store, analyze results, plan updates A solid App Store release, regular updates on how well your app is performing and a roadmap for new updates. You have the support to keep promoting your app after it's initial release. Your chances of success rise dramatically!

1 We also support a more agile programming process, which is billed by the hour, for customers seeking direct interaction with the feature tracking system and programming team.