BrainStar iPhone App Is Launched

BrainStar iPhone App Is Launched

NEWS RELEASE — April 1, 2014

Bawtree Software Helps You Stay Brain Fit

Bawtree Software has just launched BrainStar into the Apple App Store — the iPhone app, a daily activity-oriented program to improve brain fitness, has been developed on behalf of Salmon Arm, BC, based cognitive trainers Dr. Dawn Benson and Hanne MacKay who, together, run GoldMinds Brain Fitness.

“Building brain power is like growing a thicker forest of brain cell trees and branches”, says Dawn. “The larger your brain reserve, the more it will help you to ‘push back’ if Alzheimer’s or dementia is in your future”.

The concept behind the BrainStar app grew out of Dawn and Hanne’s work as certified practitioners in cognitive training. Over the years they have provided brain fitness information to thousands of eager minds. “Brain fitness is not just for seniors”. Hanne goes on to say, “It is like any other fitness. If you can lay down the good foundations in earlier years, staying fit in later life is far easier — whether it’s the brain or the body.  Our program provides a comprehensive program, not just games, based on current research as to how to stay at the ‘top of your game’ brain-wise!”.

Within BrainStar, users are given a number of daily exercises along with helpful tips to challenge and ‘strengthen’ the brain. Also included within the app is a helpful learning section about the BrainFit 5; these are the key elements that everyone should incorporate into daily life to keep the brain sharp. 

Commenting on the launch of the BrainStar app, Hanne said, “This project has been in the making for some time now. Over recent years Dawn and I have worked and taught extensively in the ‘brain fitness’ field. BrainStar has been specifically designed for anyone who wants to improve their memory and focus with improved daily habits helping to keep the higher brain networks functioning at their optimum levels. The younger we start with brain training, the better the outcome over our lifetime.  Ultimately, we would love to see "brain fitness" included with as much emphasis as the world sees general fitness”.

BrainStar is available in two versions. BrainStar — an introduction to brain fitness is free to download, comes loaded with the 5 daily exercises, tips and the BrainFit 5. There is also a premium version, BrainStar — comprehensive brain fitness available for download at 99¢ which, in addition to the training tips and the BrainFit 5, also includes over 100 daily exercises to get your brain as sharp as sharp can be.

Hugh Bawtree, CEO of Bawtree Software, commented, “Working with Dawn and Hanne on the BrainStar project has been a great experience and really demonstrates how we can work with domain experts to help bring their skills and expertise to the world via mobile technology. They approached us with the idea of “mob-ifying” their brain fitness courses and we have worked closely with them to launch a truly mobile BrainStar product. Going mobile is not for the fainthearted and going it alone can be an impossible and frustrating task. By working closely with us, they have been able to achieve their goal of taking their existing business model into the mobile space”.

BrainStar — comprehensive brain fitness is available worldwide as a paid download from:

BrainStar — an introduction to brain fitness is available worldwide as a free download from:

Visit GoldMinds Brain Fitness online for an explanation of how the app works at:

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