The Drinks Are On You...

The Drinks Are On You...


September 19, 2013.

The Bar Hop iPhone app has just launched into the App Store. Bar Hop connects friends and fellow bar hoppers enabling users to see who is out with who and where they are.

Developed on behalf of Kansas-based entrepreneur Nathan Ambrose, Bar Hop is a social network designed to bring people together for fun, safe nights out in bars across North America. As summer comes to an end, the fall party season is just starting to get underway and with the change of season come many great social and sporting events which so often result in the question, “Where am I going tonight?”. You might be looking for football on the big screen, for the fall baseball, the new EPL soccer season or you could just be hunting down the many beer and food festivals which kickoff at this time of year; the Bar Hop app will help you to make sense of the chaos and find you what you want in your very own town or city.

Behind-the-scenes of the Bar Hop app is a great strategic partnership which has been established with the guys at Bar Finder is a nightlife community dedicated to providing users with the most vital information about bars, clubs, lounges, sports bars and basically any establishment which serves alcohol and provides entertainment in your area. Bar Finder was crying out for an iOS app to better serve the community and when the opportunity to work with Nathan on the project came along the two parties were a great match for each other like, well, gin and tonic...

Nathan Ambrose of Bar Hop said, “I’d been looking to create a mobile product in this space for quite some time but one of my biggest challenges was going to be the database and listings of the bars etc. When I got introduced to the guys at Bar Finder we instantly realised that we were exactly what the other party was looking for. So here we are, after a fairly long journey I’m so excited to finally see the launch of the Bar Hop iPhone app. Cheers!”.

The Bar Finder team are equally as excited because the online community can now go mobile and find a good safe, night out. With over 70,000 establishments on the database, Bar Hop enables mobile access to’s bar pages giving more establishment specific details, live BarCam feeds and much more. 

Hugh Bawtree, CEO of Bawtree Software, commented, “Our whole team is so delighted for Nathan with the launch of Bar Hop and, although, the actual development of this product didn’t present any technical challenges the fact that Nathan was able to forge to this alliance with the Bar Finder team was great”.

The Bar Hop app is avaiable for free download from the App Store at:

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